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Server Information

Blackout is a modded PC Dayz server.

Server name:
Blackout 1PP|100k|15GroupMax|BaseRespawn|Helis|Armoured Cars|Keycards|BM|Safezones|CP|KOTH|
Port: 2302

Server Features:
- 100k Starting Cash
- GM & Klen Trader Zones
- Personal Stash in trader
- Black market located at Devils Castle
- Drugs Trader located near Zaprudnoe
- No fall Damage, Sickness, Hunger/Thirst, Broken legs
- No damage when jumping out of heli
- BBP 2.0 Building
- C4 Raiding
- Territory/Base Respawn
- Tier 1-4 Key card rooms across the map
- Care Packages, King of the hills
- Armoured Vehicles & Vanilla Vehicles
- RFFS Helis
- In game & Discord Killfeed
- Discord Leaderboards
- Custom cosmetic perks


Discord Rules

1. Use your brain and don't be a retard
2. Spamming is allowed, just dont abuse it or you'll get muted
3. No advertisements
4. No offensive names and profile pictures
5. DDOS attacks/Threats are not tolerated (Insta ban)
6. Staff have the right to mute/kick/ban per discretion. If you feel mistreated create an Internal Affairs ticket and it will be resolved.
7. Do not DM staffs members you will be ignored, make a ticket instead


Server Rules

General Rules

1. No exploiting or cheating of any kind, if caught you'll be insta banned
2. No logging off in Keycard Rooms (if you get locked in, Enjoy the stay)
3. No combat logging
4. Max group limit is 15

Raiding Rules

1. No glitching inside someone's base
2. Boosting in any form of way is allowed, its up to the base owner to ensure their base is secure.
3. Door/Gate raiding only

Safezone Rules

1. Do not camp the safezone
2. Do not safezone strafe (go in and out of safezone during gunfight)
3. Stealing in safezone is fairgame, Staff will not compensate you for this
4. Do player trades at your own risk.

Building Rules

1. You are not allowed to build closer then 1km from safezone 
2. You are not allowed to build closer then 1km from Military Zones
3. You can build next to keycard rooms. but you are not allowed to block access to the keycard door
3.1 you are not allowed to build on oil rig
4. One base/territory per group
5. Territory limit is 75m
6. Max building height is 5 Blocks from the ground
7. Max 30 storage items
8. Max 30 codelocks
8.1 if your using tents as a door this counts towards the 30 limit. 
8.2 Codelocking storage items does not count towards the 30 limit